Welcome to Gorilla Hands.

Are you an athlete who wants to maximize performance?

Do you wish you had a more firm handshake?

Do you work on a computer all day and wish to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Are you already dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or have an injury?

 If you answered yes to any of these, Gorilla Hands can help you!

What are Gorilla Hands? Gorilla Hands are the most effective, comprehensive, and easy to use hand strength and rehabilitation trainers available. If you want strong, healthy hands, you are in the right place.

Why the funny design? Gorilla Hands are designed to provide the omni-directional resistance you will not get from a stress ball or grip trainer but truly need. Gorilla Hands will isolate each finger and thumb so they all get a workout without "piggy backing" on each other. Furthermore, you get resistance in the entire range of motion which helps develop true hand strength.

What do we mean by omni-directional? No matter what direction you try to move your fingers, you are met with equal resistance. No other hand trainer can truly make this claim.

Why is being omni-directional important? Studies prove you have to train all the muscles in your hands, "flexors" (close) and "extensors" (open), to maximize your grip strength and coordination. "Grip trainers" are not enough! Grip trainers work the "flexor" muscles that close the hand. Grip trainers do not work the "extensors" muscles that open the hands. Only Gorilla Hands works all the muscles in your hand with true omni-directional resistance.  

What Gorilla Hands line is right for me? Gorilla Hands can help anyone from those with weakened hands to the professional athlete. Gorilla Hands has 6 different levels of resistance from Very Light to Super Heavy. 

Health Trainer: Extra Light, Light, and Medium resistance for developing strength or recovering from an injury. 

Strength Trainer: Light, Medium, and Heavy resistance to keep your hands healthy, develop dexterity, and increase strength. 

Power Trainer: Heavy, Extra Heavy, and Super Heavy resistance for those who want maximum power in their hands. 

Aren't they just cut out pieces of foam? No! Gorilla Hands are made of a material called EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) Cross Link. Cross Link is a material that is used to make artificial hips and joints. What that means to you is they are virtually indestructible and will last forever if taken care of.

When it comes to hands we weren't the first, we aren't the only, but we are the BEST! 

Thank you for visiting Gorilla Hands...Your Hands STRONG As Gorilla Hands!


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    Health Trainer: Recover from an injury or develop and maintain healthy hands with a fairly firm handshake.

    Strength Trainer: Strengthen your already healthy hands for a very firm handshake.

    Power Trainer: Develop the extraordinary power that will maximize your athletic performance!